The Beauty Around Us – Creating It
Kathleen Gniady
March 29, 2020
  • Create art to see beauty – your our own version of beauty – through expressionism
  • There are endless possibilities within the visual arts – mediums you can use range from water colors to acrylics, ceramic and porcelain, photography and home design, to more unconventional mediums
  • Creating can be a form of therapy when raw emotion is exuded through creation or when artists gather together to share ideas and appreciate each other through the process
I am a creative person and I know many of you are. Let’s get your creative juices flowing.
Here I will venture to give you ideas on what to create depending on your time, space and medium of choice.
I’ve been creating since I was a young girl. I had little areas in my childhood home just for me, gathering whatever I could find to furnish and decorate my little haven; to get away from my four younger brothers. Then as I grew to my early teens, I began to sketch family members as we sat and watched tv. My art teachers in grammar and high school were amazing and this is where it all took off for me. I was so excited to begin my life as an artist.
I will be writing about projects I have completed and some that I dream of doing.
These may be something you have been thinking of doing. If you do not have time right now in your life, this information will be available when you are ready.
If you have a desire to create stay tuned, if not, move on to what you enjoy…your music, cooking, reading, hiking, whatever you love.
Right now it is a quiet Sunday morning. Only bird sounds outside my open balcony door.
I have my painting desk facing outward to see the beautiful scenery through the patio doors.
All I need is my equipment to begin a project.
This is the most important part of creating anything and can be costly, so plan accordingly. Just like cooking you need all the ingredients.
I will be talking about different types of artwork you can be creating.
Pinterest is a very helpful site for inspiration and youtube has instructions on how to do anything.
I have too many books on art and studies for inspiration. Beginners should use examples of works they admire to start their design and choose color.
To see beauty…..our own version of beauty….expressionism.
Be it dark and dramatic or light and fun. Look around your home and you will see all that you have created.
Just as we furnish our homes and create beautiful spaces with the furniture we purchase or inherit….adding touches that are just yours is very fulfilling and shows your personality.
Personal touches can come from any of your creations:
  • small framed watercolor paintings of birds or scenes
  • an abstract composition using acrylics
  • a large canvas using oil paints
  • flower arrangements (fresh or silk)
  • painted porcelain pieces displayed prominently
  • beautifully framed picture arrangements of your family or special memories
  • rearranging your furniture and accessories to be more pleasing to YOU and deciding what you want to add to make be happy and comfortable in your home
Finally, creating art can be therapeutic. Raw emotion is exuded through creation. The act of creating art in a group setting serves as a form of therapy. I am a porcelain art teacher and taught the same group of women every Saturday from my home for 30 years in Chicago, and I cherished these relationships with my students and the bond we shared. I will highlight some of the pieces I’ve created and that my students have created throughout the years in coming posts.
My blog will help you find your niche in the art world so you can express yourself and become a creator.
Stay foxxi!

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