Organizing Your Memories – How to Manage Your Digital Photos
Amber Cusak
March 19, 2020
  • Photos tell a story and organization is key in not losing these memories
  • Save photos digitally on a USB drive – also print if you feel you feel you would enjoy looking through them this way
  • Begin organizing before the photos start piling up!


After our daughter was born, I began taking a lot more photos but had no real way of organizing them. About three years and hundreds of photos later, I had images that were saved on two cameras, two phones, and my computer. I knew it was time to figure out a system of organizing them before they were lost. Below is the process I use to print and organize my photos.


Step 1 – Upload the images from my phone and camera into a folder on my computer. I name it with the date range the photos were taken (example – January 2018-December 2018). Within this folder, I make sub-folders for images from my camera, phone, and videos from my phone.




Step 2 – Order photos online. I usually order from Walgreens and have been happy with the quality. It’s a lot easier to upload photos to the site if they are all saved in one place. Sometimes I will pick up the photos in store, but usually just have them shipped to the house.




Step 3 – Save the folder with the image and video files to a USB drive. I recommend purchasing a large USB drive (128G or larger) that will be able to fit thousands of photos. This way I won’t have several drives floating around and it makes it easier to know where each of my photos are saved.


Step 4 – Put photos into a book. It’s fun to make this a family project. We enjoy looking back together on the memories we’ve made and lots of hands will make the job easier. My kids will often look through photos on my phone, but putting them in a book allows us to enjoy them together as a family.




I also make personalized books using Shutterfly for each of the kids. Having their own book makes them feel special and is a nice keepsake for them. As of now, I have only made one for each, but intend to make a new one every few years.

I usually commit to organizing my photos in this way once a year, which means that I sort through and typically print off about 500 photos at a time. This also gives me a chance to skim through photos I have taken over the past year and delete any that I don’t think are worth saving. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend trying to organize much more than this at one time.

The commitment that I have made to saving and printing off my photos has been worth it. Some moments or memories that I thought I’d never forget start to fade as the years pass and life gets busier. Our photos are a reminder of these times and something we can look back on for years to come.


Stay foxxi!

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