Mental Burden – The Equal Opportunity Oppressor
Kristin Fox
January 2, 2020
  • Mental burden is real and should not be ignored
  • Organization and planning have been proven ways to mitigate mental burden
  • Start here for ideas on how to Simplify | Organize | Plan

I’m getting ready to leave my house, husband, three kids, dog and 2 nannies (Grammy and Ebony) to go to Chicago from Tuesday to Sunday for work and my cousin’s wedding.  Normally I would be stressing out right now, but instead, I’m sitting here, sipping my coffee at 6:20am, writing this blog post and thinking about the presentation I’m giving to a group of female angel investors tomorrow morning.  I’ve already planned the meals for the week, did the grocery shopping, made the lunches.  I did most the laundry, just need to sort and fold some, then pack for my trip.

If I were leaving on this same trip this time last year, I would have been much more stressed.  What’s changed between then and now?  I designed the run your home like a business plan and implemented it in my house.  This way, there is no confusion about what needs to get done on a weekly, daily, and even hourly basis within the house and with the children.  Want to alleviate mental burden?  Start running your home like a business.  

Stay foxxi!

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