If busy is the new stupid, I used to be a real f-ing idiot
Kristin Fox
December 30, 2019

At Smart Like a Fox, we love the idea of “living your best life” and “becoming unbusy.” Of course I want to meditate and go to yoga classes, go on dates with my husband, frolic on the beach and have wild passionate sex….but reality is – I’ve got a full-time job, full-time husband, kids and dog, my passion projects, and a whole lot laundry and dishes up in this hiz-house.

After 6 years of juggling career and kids, I’ve learned that today’s fast-paced world, where we are all playing so many roles each day – the professional, the spouse, the parent, the child, the maid, the cook, the accountant, the chauffer, the mentor – we try to be everything to everyone – losing sight of what’s important to ourselves. I’ve been talking to everyone I meet about this topic for the past few years and it seems most people are suffering from overwhelm and not prioritizing experiences that increase joy in their lives. And as a result, we are losing sight of our purpose.

That’s why we are starting our online community. I have always been a high achiever, a do-er. A “don’t believe me just watch” type of gal. No less than a year and a half ago, I was living in Chicago, commuting over 2 hours a day, stressed out from working 60 hours a week in the public accounting environment only to come home exhausted each night, just in time to feed, bathe and put my kids to bed. Day after day, week after week – wash, rinse, repeat.

I stopped and asked myself – is this all there is? When do I get to start enjoying life?

Don’t be stupid. Get foxxi!


Be sure to join our online community.

Prioritize what brings you the highest ROI in your life.

Stay foxxi!

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