Do as I Say, Not as I Do
Kristin Fox
January 2, 2020
  • Commit to 3 hours of physical activity per week for 3 months
  • Hold yourself accountable, as you would your child for an extracurricular sport
  • Don’t overthink it, just do it

Have you ever wondered why we hold our children to such a high standard (in terms of education, physical activity, extracurricular activities), but not ourselves? When I was in the thick of it (working full-time for a demanding firm, commuting every day, with young toddlers at home), I would be so busy that when it came down to managing my life and the lives of my children, I would focus on what would keep them healthy and happy, but not myself. I would make sure they were eating the healthiest foods, get them to regular doctor appointments, enroll them in toddler gymnastics and soccer to make sure they were getting enough physical activity. Meanwhile, I was so busy, I wasn’t even making time to brush my teeth at night, I would just pass out in bed from exhaustion.

It comes down to “do as I say, not as I do.” I was filling up everyone else’s cup before my own. As a result, I ended up exhausted and overwhelmed. I was too focused on keeping my children healthy and happy that I didn’t prioritize the same things for myself. I wasn’t leading by example.
I’m so glad that I adjusted my thinking. I can safely say that after 2 years of very hard work, I am able to teach my children to do as I do, not just as I say. I prioritized physical activity. I take time to meditate and stay in tune with my mind, body and soul. All things that I used to push to the back burner.
Take a look at how you’re spending your time. If you want to make changes to your life for the better, start prioritizing things that increase your joy and fulfillment so that can spill over into the lives of the people around you.
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Stay foxxi!

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