Commit to Movement to Combat Stress
Kristin Fox
April 8, 2020
  • Schedule your workouts for the week
  • Track your intake religiously by enlisting a tracker like MyFitnessPal or Lose It
  • Show up consistently – no excuses


The human body is truly fascinating – fueled not only by what we consume and expend but more importantly by our mindset.


My 30s have been emotionally and physically exhausting with 3 pregnancies 25 months apart and one miscarriage right before my last pregnancy. After being pregnant on and off for 6 years, I was ready to shed the stubborn layer of baby fat and get my body back. It hasn’t been an easy road. There have been many early mornings where hitting the snooze button was so tempting, but instead I got my ass out of bed and showed up.


By sticking with my routine of 1) tracking intake and 2) working out 5 times per week with no excuses, I’ve been able to take my fitness to the next level, dropping over 5% body fat in this past year. I’m excited to continue my fitness journey by sticking with my routine and getting out of my comfort zone with new and exciting adventures in movement with my husband, friends and kids this upcoming year.


Biking, running, hiking, skiing, surfing and playing are all on the agenda. Who’s ready for MOVEMENT in 2020?

Stay foxxi!

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