Avoid Burnout
Kristin Fox
March 22, 2020



  • Stop what you’re doing, go lay down in bed, close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and exhale all your concerns away
  • Meditate in bed before going to sleep, visualizing yourself carefree, then fall asleep and get a good night’s rest
  • Wake up in the morning and take our online quiz to reset your mind



According to Psychology Today, “Burnout has been described as the biggest emotional hazard of the twenty first century.  Educating busy professionals and workplaces about its warning signs is a big first step in reducing its impact.”

Feeling exhausted, disengaged, and like every little curveball life throws at you sends you into an emotional tizzy? You may be suffering from burnout. Our online community can help.  At getfoxxi, we help high achievers make incremental changes to their lives to increase fulfillment. Our site provides practical advice and good ideas to help you gain efficiencies to free up time to do more of what makes you happy. 

Remember – none of this bullshit is going to matter in the end.  Life is about the ride, not the destination.  Stop stressing over things you can’t control.  Take charge of your mind and your life.  It’s all about perspective.


Stay foxxi!

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