A Load A Day Keeps The Stress Away
Anna Gniady
March 22, 2020


  • One load a day only takes a few minutes 
  • Maximize time by doing one load in between other activities
  • A little time each day tackling the laundry protects valuable family time on the weekends


The laundry keeps piling up. How do I keep up without feeling overloaded? With 2 boys that play baseball, they change clothes 2-3 times per day. The boys often shower twice per day adding wet towels to the never ending pile in the laundry room. The laundry is a recurring nightmare and it can easily become overwhelming. How can I manage this vicious cycle?


Find a time when you are home to toss in one load of laundry each day. A huge pile can make you feel defeated at the thought of spending hours doing 5-6 loads on a weekend. What works well for me is after coming home from work, I start dinner shortly after arriving home. While dinner is cooking, I take a few minutes to put in one load of laundry. Then after dinner, I sit on the couch and fold the laundry. Sometimes I am even able to catch a few minutes of one of my favorite TV shows while folding the laundry. One load is done within a short period of time. If I keep this momentum by doing one load per day, it stays manageable and doesn’t get overwhelming.


Stay foxxi!

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